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We are grateful for the generosity and dedication of the Mental Health Is Health Experience
Leadership Circle, the Event Committee and Didi
Hirsch's Board of Directors. 


Leadership Circle

Berman/Rutenberg Family
Erin Burke
Fletcher Family Foundation
Linda and Martin J. Frank
Mimi and Carlos Garcia
Gail Kamer and Warren Lieberfarb
Sarosh Mistry
Laura Ornest and Rick Leslie
Melissa Rivers
Andrew E. Rubin
Nancy and Miles Rubin
Lisa and Michael C. Wierwille 

Event Committee

Andrew Berman, Co-Chair
Sara Rutenberg, Co-Chair
Erin Burke
Kathy Chappell Dossett
Elizabeth C. Gill
Melissa Rivers
Michael C. Wierwille


Board of Directors
Michael C. Wierwille, Chair
Melissa Rivers, Executive Vice Chair
Carlos E. Garcia, Vice Chair
Libby Gill, Vice Chair
Will Lippincott, Treasurer
Andrew E. Rubin, Secretary
Christopher J. Harrer, Immediate Past Chair

Erin Burke
Kathy Chappell Dossett
Gail Kamer Lieberfarb
Sarosh Mistry
Laura Ornest
Nancy Hirsch Rubin
Sara Rutenberg