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Team Amir

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This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get!



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1. CECory Epstein
2. LMLuke Mazur
I miss you, Amir. I had dinner with your brother the other night. We laughed about that New Year's Eve in New York, when you used Tim's back for leverage on your way to the General's bathroom. One of my favorite ever moments. Cranston!
3. SSStuart Shell
4. PWPaul Weinacht
Keep your knees up, swing your arms, and pass the slow person in front of you.
5. SWSharon Wells
For both of our baby brothers who made us laugh - Amir and Jer.
6. JMJoe Mickeliunas
In honor of Amir, my friend Bryan, and all of those whose pain we will never truly understand. May they find peace.