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Welcome to Johanna Louie's Page

Johanna Louie

Whenever I tell someone I work on a suicide prevention crisis line, I frequently get compliments on the “lifesaving” nature of the job. To be honest, I don’t view my work as “saving lives.” So you, along with many of the people I’ve talked with over the phone or chat, might ask…why do I do this? For a long time, I don’t think I knew myself. This past year, I’ve really come to discover my answer to that question.

I do this work because I know anyone can get to the point where they think about suicide and need support. I do this work because I have personally gotten to that point where I've failed to see a reason to keep going. I do this work because I hope that when I’m at that point, someone will be there ready and willing to walk through it with me.

I’ve continued my work at the Suicide Prevention Center because I truly believe there is help and there is hope for those who have been touched by suicide. As I participate again in this year’s 18th annual Alive & Running 5K Walk/Run for Suicide Prevention, I want to ask for your support--whether it’s thinking of this cause, participating in the run yourself, or partnering with us financially. All proceeds benefit the many programs we offer.

Thank you for your continual support!

With much gratitude,


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1. LLinda & Brian Yiu
God bless and keep up the good work!
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Keep up the good work! Keep going!
3. MMK Tran
4. JJ3M Social Media Work
You know you are an inspiration to me! In a world where many feel hopeless, you are a light!
5. JJerry & Pauline Chen
Thank you for being there to listen & give support to the hurting people. I'm really proud to have a friend like you.
6. MMr. & Mrs. Lee
Support you!
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