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Welcome to Brothers and Sons

Brothers And Sons

Too many of us have lost loved ones to suicide. Most people who take their lives have a treatable mental illness. With proper care, they can get better and lead happy and successful lives. Understanding the link between mental illness and suicide is key to preventing suicide--a cause that is very dear to our team. We appreciate all the support we can get. Together we can make a difference! - Brothers and Sons



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1. JAJason Anish
Thank you for including us in this campaign, happy to support Did Hirsch Center.
2. ?Anonymous
3. ?Anonymous
With love and support to a great gal Kim Kowsky and a most worthwhile cause.
4. EAElizabeth Abbe
In honor of my friends, Elizabeth and Kristen, who both lost sons this way...
5. JJody Shapiro
It's so amazing you can take a personal tragedy and honor your brother with your dedication to helping others.
6. DMDavid MacMahan
Hi Kim, Glad you are doing this work and appreciate the value and how hard it must be. All the best, David