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Aiko's Team

Early in this journey, I realized that my 14 year old daughter’s life was to be celebrated, that her death was horrific but did happen, and that whatever meaning there was would be found in how I responded. The year Aiko died we formed Aiko’s Team. There were six of us. There were 86 of us on Aiko’s Team for the 10 year memorial year. This year will be the 14th Aiko’s Team at Alive and Running 5K for suicide prevention.

Aiko’s Team remembers her life, acknowledges her death by suicide and provides real change in this world--by increasing the conversations about mental illness and suicide, by supporting the services at Suicide Prevention Center which include: 24/7 Crisis Line in English and Spanish, bereavement support groups (SAS) for those who have lost someone to suicide, support groups for survivors of suicide attempts (SOSA), Suicide Response Team, debrief services for work/school sites after a suicide death, and speakers for clinical training or general suicide prevention.

For seven years I volunteered on the crisis line and I continue my twelve years facilitating bereavement groups for survivors after suicide loss (SAS). The SAS program helped me to find my voice and to tell my story as a way to decrease stigma and increase awareness about suicide and prevention.

I hope you will join us on Sunday, September 24th at the Alive and Running. Thank you for your support.

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Marilyn, Much love, success, and happiness on your journey!! May Aiko's spirit soar!! Hugs, Dr. Jean
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