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Welcome to my page!

Talia Shapiro

Talia Shapiro

Hi Everyone!

My name is Talia Shapiro. After 2 years of attending Alive & Running, I have been honored to join as a Co-Team Captain for the SuperPoweredCommunity. This team is made up of the super amazing volunteers, staff of the Suicide Prevention Center ("SPC") and their families and friends.

I started at SPC as a volunteer, taking my first call on June 4, 2018. I was led to this volunteer work because of my own mental health and suicide related struggles. Throughout my life I wanted to give back through supporting mental health. Since I started on the crisis line, I have because a full-time member of the SPC community helping train volunteers/staff, and helping share my passion with them.

Last year, I ran for my uncle who took his own life in April 2019. This year, I will continue to support the efforts in his memory to help erase the stigma on mental health and get support to those that need it most.

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we need each other more than ever. People are suffering in silence, and we need to help provide access to support and services to get through this incredibly challenging time.

Together, we can save lives!


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