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Sponsor Seth Madej's Run for Suicide Prevention

Seth Madej

Seth Madej

Hi friends,

For the past seven months, I’ve been a therapist trainee working at a community clinic to serve underprivileged clients in inner city Los Angeles. I’ve seen during that time how much therapists and other mental healthcare providers rely on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline as a first line of defense for our clients. Not only are the crisis line counselors there for our at-risk clients when we can’t be, but also they serve as a valuable source of comfort and guidance for family members who fear for loved ones but lack the knowledge of how to help.

Many of those family members are Hispanic and speak little English. They would not get the assistance they need if it weren’t for the Los Angeles call center of the Lifeline, one of only three centers in the US with Spanish-speaking counselors working 24 hours a day. I’m a supervisor there, and I’m proud to say that no other call center serves more Spanish speakers.

For that reason, on September 29 I’ll take to the street for the third year in a row to run the Alive& Running 5K for suicide prevention in support of the Los Angeles call center of the Lifeline. I’m asking you to sponsor me with a donation in any amount. In past years, my donors have given nearly $10,000, and I know we can add much more to that total this time around. Unfortunately, I’ve added much more to me this past year, especially around my middle parts, so my personal goal for the race will be to finish without rupturing a fascia.


raised of $5,400 goal

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Apologies, I thought I donated earlier. Hope you had a great run!
2. SKShannon Knepper
Love you Seth!!
4. KKay
You're the best, Seth x
5. KMKaty Mazzara
Recently, I lost a former boss to suicide.
6. LBLindsey Burwell
Go Seth!
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