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Support Seth Madej's Run for Suicide Prevention

Seth Madej

Seth Madej

In the wake of the suicide deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline saw all-time high call volumes across the country. Our nation endured a suicidal crisis, and the counselors at the Lifeline’s Los Angeles call center were on the frontlines. As one of them, I experienced the crisis firsthand. After having helped a caller to find some strength to continue for another day, I would hang up the phone only to hear it ring again. In the quiet moments, I witnessed the profound difference my teammates make in the lives of people at the moments when they are most needed.

Despite the crucial need the Suicide Prevention Center fills, its funding comes almost entirely from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, leaving the Center in a constantly precarious state subject to the whims of a handful of politicians. For that reason, Alive and Running, the Center’s annual fundraising 5K walk/run, is essential to the Center’s well being.

I will be running again this year, and I would like you to sponsor me with a donation in any amount. Last year my sponsors showed exceptional generosity, contributing over $4200. This year I know we can do even better.

Unfortunately, I have no aspirations of doing even better than my personal record run time from last year’s race, because my first year of graduate school has made me smarter but doughier. Nevertheless, I will be out there on the road that morning trying my best. That night, I’ll be right back on the lines, talking to people in need, and trying my best to ensure that my voice is not the last one they ever hear.



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1. DBDiane Bossart
2. RDRaymond Dooley
Go Seth! A cause close to my heart.
3. DMDavid Murto
Thank you, Seth! You're a True Good Guy!
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5. mcMary Chen
6. TTed Travelstead
Go, Seth! Thank you.
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