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Welcome to Kimberly Emerson's Page

Kimberly Emerson

Kimberly Emerson

Suicide doesn’t discriminate. We all heard about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, people who seemed to have everything to live for but took their own lives anyhow. I read recently that the suicide rate amongst farmers has risen dramatically for the past four years. No one is immune to despair.

You know this. You know someone who suffers from depression or bipolar disorder or PTSD or some other brain health condition, I guarantee it. Since you're reading this, you probably know me and my struggles with depression. Or maybe a mutual friend referred you. Maybe it's you who suffers. Maybe it's a friend or family member (or several). Or maybe one of your loved ones suffers from this and hasn't told you.

Alive & Running started 20 years ago to support Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Center, the nation’s first and an international leader in training, research and crisis services. We have innovated many strategies and programs for people in crisis over the years. This Fall, we will open the doors to our Center’s new Century City home, where we will be able to provide more crisis services, training and therapy/support groups – especially for children.

Please support Didi Hirsch’s 20th annual Alive & Running 5K Walk/Run for Suicide Prevention on Sunday, September 30 on La Tijera Parkway in Los Angeles. Your donation will support the expansion of our Center and vital services, which include:

• Bereavement groups
• Support groups for survivors of suicide attempts
• Follow-up programs for high-risk callers
• Training for law enforcement, mental health professionals, students
and teachers
• Community outreach
• Suicide Response Team

With your help, we can save more lives! Register or donate today!



raised of $2,000 goal

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1. HMHolly McKean
Thanks for all that you to raise awareness!
2. SJSteven Jacobson
3. JEJudith Emerson
Great job, Kim!
4. PPeter, Karen, Tyler and Ryan
Thank you Kim!
5. EEd and Nancy
We love you, Kim!
6. ARAngela Randall
Thank you for running for you, for your family, for me, and for my family. I know you do no less, every day. ?????? -Angela
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