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Alejandra Vargas

Alejandra Vargas

Hey all, this marks the seventh year I raise funds for suicide prevention efforts. For me, suicide prevention is very personal and yet it doesn't have to be personal for its impact to be felt.

The climbing nationwide suicide rates are reminders that our communities are hurting and need support. While we fight and advocate for long-term structural, comprehensive, and integrative solutions, work is being done day by day with every call that is answered by suicide hotlines throughout the country.

Every day, hundreds of people reach out for help to stay alive. Many of them may be experiencing financial concern, homelessness, substance use issues, human rights abuses, civil violations, family separation, have survived natural or manmade disasters, experienced their first break up or lost a job, or maybe today is just a particularly tough day. All of them, and all of us, deserve to be heard. Helping fund suicide prevention services and efforts helps make that happen.

Please consider donating to Didi Hirsch. Your donation helps support the 24/7 multilingual suicide crisis line; train service providers and first responders in the Los Angeles area; provide grief support and support groups for those affected by suicide; and fund research efforts with partnering universities to improve, develop, and test new prevention programs.

I'm so happy to now be a part of the Didi Hirsch community. Join me in helping our communities find support and remain safe from suicide.

- Alej <3


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