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Team Giraffe - Alive & Running 2019

Team Giraffe

Team Giraffe

Mental health isn’t always taken as seriously as physical health, but it’s just as important, and just as real. By participating in the Alive & Running Walk, let's send a message of support to those who are managing mental health conditions, attempt survivors, and those who have lost loved ones.

We all have to work together to spread the message that it’s okay to say you’re not okay. Let's stand tall and break the silence around mental health. We need to be a safety net for ourselves, and those in our communities.

Please help support Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services by joining us on September 29th, making a contribution to our team, and/or sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Didi Hirsch's life-saving crisis services, therapy and support groups, training and education, and research. Together, we can make a difference!


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1. MKMarilyn King
Good luck with your walk!
2. PEPaula Eckert
3. KPKathryn Parson
4. CSCarrie Spencer
Thanks for the work you're doing! It's so important. I only wish I was in a position to give a bit more!
5. Carolyn Leal