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Welcome to Janine Lichstein's Page

Janine Lichstein

Janine Lichstein


The Didi Hirsch Alive and Running is to be held this year on Sunday, September 29, 2019. My hope is that you will join us for the walk and our traditional “Spitfire Grill” breakfast which immediately follows the 5K walk/run.

The energy of the team is glorious and we walk and talk our way around the oblong 5K course in no time! Those of you who have joined us know the good feeling that results from seeing and being a part of the energy of the 2,000 strong crowd of participants. The love and connectedness of the group is infectious!

Please join us this year and sign up to walk OR, make a contribution and become a sponsor of the event and participate that way.

We would love to have you there but early on a Sunday morning is not to everyone’s taste, we know that. Either way, your support will go directly to Suicide Prevention funds and cover so many worthwhile and important programs.

Several of you attended the official opening of the new Suicide Prevention Center on Olympic Blvd. and saw, first hand, the serenity, beauty and effectiveness of the new building and what it does and can offer so many in need. The Crisis Phone Center is a marvel and the volunteers manning the phones put their hearts and souls and love into their important work. The Family and Children’s Treatment Rooms are beautiful and inviting and soothing to those in such pain and chaos.
If you haven’t seen the new Center, please let me know you want to tour it and that can be arranged. Funds raised from the walk go toward programs for Suicide Prevention, Survivors After Suicide, Suicide Attempters Programs, Crisis Intervention Counselors, and so much more at the Center.

Here’s a NEW CHALLENGE for Team Lichstein members this year……
please try to get 2-4 friends or family to donate a few dollars toward the walk as well. Every ten dollars makes a difference! It’s a 5K so figure out a number times five! It’s just a thought and will increase our teams’ total donation to the walk!

When Daniel decided to take his life, 28 years ago, I could have never realized how his loss would form my own future life and decisions. It wasn’t my choice but, now, my passion and my driving force.
Please consider joining us this year. It’s one early morning in the entire year……you can do it!

I’m forever grateful to you and to your continued support. Many thanks in advance!

Janine Lichstein

P.S. Join Team Lichstein or to make your donation!

If you need help, contact Events Manager Jacqueline Buda at 310-751-5420 or at See you on the 29th!


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. EGElaine Gervasi
Dear Janine, Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful organization. I'd like to donate more but at this time, this is what I can do. Thank you so much for the good work you do.
2. LFLiesel Friedrich
3. AWAmy Warner
Celebrating my birthday on the 29th..go team !!
4. CLCharles E Levin
Pleased to contribute to this important cause. Love, Rita and Chuck
5. MMMary Meadow
Walking together
6. CDCarolyn DeMers
I hope I will be walking with the group that day

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