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Thank you for visiting team #Remember Aaron. This cause is very dear to our family/ friends along with those who were with him daily at school and /or at the beach. Everyone that knew him realized that he had a such beautiful soul. He was a kind hearted teen, loyal to his friends/family, always there for anybody that needed support through tough times with school or just life. We didn't know that Aaron was so involved in helping those that had a hard time as a new student acclimating to a new school or those being bullied. Kids came up and told us at his service that he'd helped them. He was also an extremely talented trumpet player, smart, and oh my goodness witty as heck, he always kept us on our toes!!! However, we also learned that he was in so much pain from his recent concussions that he'd endured and didn't tell us. He had headaches (a trumpet player!), vertigo, and blurred vision which he never said a word to us, his family, but just to a few of his friends. We thought after doing what the professionals told us what to do, all would be ok. Unfortunately it is too late for him to speak out about the pain he was in. However today it has been proven that concussions can cause daily depression or what he had which was a flash depression. It is our obligation as teachers, coaches, friends parents, etc. that we report anything we hear about signs of depression, concussion symptoms, bullying; ANYTHING that could affect a child's livelihood. Suicide is the #2 leading cause of death in teens. Please help!!!

This year would have been Aaron's senior year. With that, we'd like to have our biggest team ever walking this year because next year he would have been off to college. This year would have been a special year.

If you donate, your donation will go to helping teens on how to deal with the ongoing issues in middle and high schools from hormones, bullying in school and/ or online, sports injuries, self esteem, sexuality,....etc. Didi Hirsch sends personal out to schools where they teach awareness to school staff. These teachers / counselors can be prepared to help those students in need as well as helping them understand the hardline consequences of suicide. As some of you know that teens feel that they're invincible and they don't understand that suicide is permanent.

If anyone needs help, teen or adult, Didi Hirsch has a 24 / 7, 365 days a year hotline 1.800-273-8255. Please pass this number on to anyone you know who might have signs of depression. The people on the other end can be there and maybe help save a life!

We love you all and appreciate the support you have given us over the last 4 years that we've been involved with Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Program.

Together we all can make a difference in saving lives by donating and / or joining our team #Remember Aaron to walk on Sunday, September 30th.

Sherry and Al Yanagisawa - parents of Aaron 11/23/2000 - 04/14/15


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Al and Sherry, please accept this donation on behalf of the EROB Staff. Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.
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LACOFD CERRITOS FP OFFICE Would like to support the Alive & Running event in honor of your son Aaron. Capt. T. Garcia ITC D. Robinson Insp. T. Holmes Insp. B. Times Insp. D. Myers Insp J. Lee Insp. J. McKinley Insp. R. Ortiz
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In Aaron’ Memory. As Greg mentioned you both continue to be the example for many. God Bless You Both 🙂
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