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Our Alive & Running 2020 Team Page

Team Fletcher

Team Fletcher

Please join or donate to my team, which supports Didi Hirsch's Suicide Prevention Center!

Your donation helps fund a national multilingual 24/7 Crisis Line, therapy, support groups and training so people throughout the community can recognize and respond to warning signs.

Every dollar we raise helps save lives!


raised of $35,000 goal

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Recent Donations

1. Joe Fletcher & Connie Ryan
2. Judith F Getman
This is a tribute to all your hard work to save lives.
3. Geoff And Beth Greulich
Miss this wonderful event. DIdi Hirsch is needed more today than ever!
4. Donna Goodman
With Covid, a more vital service than ever.
5. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
6. Tracy And Evan Segal
Dear Charlotte and Jeremy, Thank you for your leadership in helping so many people cope with the challenges of mental health. Now more than ever, your work and impact are so very important. Love, Tracy and Evan