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Kori Worman

Kori Worman

Thank you to all for supporting and walking/running with us on this day. Too many of us have been affected by suicide. Many of us know of someone who currently struggles with depression/anxiety. Jordan was diagnosed with BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder. Her battle became evident at age 14. She struggled with anxiety, major depression, anorexia, bulemia, body dysmorphia, etc,.. She worked hard as she possibly could to overcome the pain her illness caused her on a daily basis. Unfortunately, all the therapy, doctors and medications could not help my precious daughter. But many people can get help and live a happy and mentally healthy life. Awareness is key to trying to help someone who's struggling with this debilitating disease.

Suicide rates nationwide have risen over 30% among almost every age group, gender, ethnicity and financial status. In 2018, more than 47,000 Americans died by suicide—more than by car accidents or homicide. And for every death by suicide, about 30 people attempt it.

Please join me in supporting Didi Hirsch’s 21st annual Alive & Running 5K Walk/Run for Suicide Prevention on Sunday, Sept. 29.

The event is the only one that supports Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Center—the first and most comprehensive in the United States and a national resource for healing and hope. Their doors are open to anyone who has been touched to suicide—regardless of their ability to pay. But they need your help to continue providing their lifesaving services.

Please register, donate, sponsor or volunteer for Alive & Running today.
Your support helps:

- SAVE LIVES by training crisis counselors for our 24/7 multilingual Crisis Line, where calls have quadrupled in the last 10 years;

- STRENGTHEN THE SAFETY NET by teaching more students, teachers, parents, firefighters, police officers and mental health professionals to recognize and respond to warning signs;

- PROVIDE HEALING by offering more therapy and support groups to suicide attempt and loss survivors, and special groups for teens bereaved by suicide;

- ADVANCE THE FIELD by partnering with university researchers developing and testing new programs in suicide prevention.

Founded in 1958, Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Center has innovated many of the strategies that are used at other centers around the United States—and world. In response to rising demand, Didi Hirsch relocated its Center to a new building in Century City last year. Since we opened the doors, many people have seen the sign and come in for help.

With your support, we can save more lives! Please register, donate or sponsor today!


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1. RCRonda Clark
I am sorry that I will not be able to join the walk this year but please know that I am with you in spirit. God bless you and your family. I love you!!
2. SEStuart Evans
3. SBSandee Brown
Great job Kori! You have been such an inspiration for me, and even though our first losses were long ago, certainly never forgotten. Now you’re inviting us to come together via your advocacy, to shed light on the darkness of mental illness that leads to suicide, so we become ambassadors of goodwill for others. I love you Kori Katherine ♥️🦋 🙏🏻
4. Kori Worman

Team Jordan Rose