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Juan M. Alvarez, Jr. (AKA Meño) was born 10-21-79 and ended his life 09-24-11. It's been six years, and the pain of his absence doesn't fade.

Meño was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army. He served his country with the same pride, honor, integrity and love he had for his family. He was a phenomenal artist, loving father, amateur musician, and family man to his core. He was greatly respected by all who came in contact with him. He always had a way of making people feel better about themselves.

We will never forget the night we received the news of his death. We walked around the house like zombies. Every now and then someone would let out a cry, or a scream. The pain was surreal.

The guilt of not knowing how to identify his struggles was a difficult challenge for our family to overcome. We didn't understand the military lifestyle, and couldn't possibly understand his struggles with PTSD. As civilians, we take for granted the blessings of our daily lives. Our military ensures that the terrors of war are kept away from our soil, as mush as possible. Unfortunately, it comes with the ultimate price. My brother succumbed to PTSD and took his own life. His death left a black hole in our universe. We miss him everyday.

For our veterans, and military families. We love you. You are not alone in your struggles.