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Welcome to Sherry Yanagisawa's Page

Sherry Yanagisawa

Sherry Yanagisawa

Al and I are here to raise money for awareness about teen suicide. Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Department is available to support those who have lost a loved one to suicide and to educate schools, organizations, parents, students about the prevention of suicide. We found Didi Hirsch AFTER we lost our son to suicide.

April 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. our 14 year old son Aaron took his life. It has been the most tragic and emotional thing that both my husband and I have ever had to deal with. Aaron was smart, funny, talented, a great friend (we hear), good looking (so all of the girls said!) and just a fun-loving kid. Aaron was lead trumpet player for Oak Middle school Jazz Band. He was an A student in school and loved science! Aaron was a happy and well - rounded teen!! No child should ever have to feel that taking their life is an option to handle feelings that overwhelm them.

Aaron had several minor concussions in a short span of time but didn’t show any signs to us as to his wellbeing. He also showed no outward signs of depression at all. But yet he took his life. Why, why, why?? That question still haunts me even after knowing these facts I’m about to share.

We found out later that he had told a few of his friends that he had headaches all of the time, ringing in his ears, and blurred vision. His headaches must have been unbearable due to his playing trumpet 2 -3 hours a day. Of course, being a teenager we believe that he thought if he’d told us we’d taken away his trumpet and body boarding, which we would have! He also had had a quick growth spurt, so his hormones were on overload. So being exhausted from his 3 day trip with friends he had just gotten back from, his hormones, and the concussion symptoms our doctor called it a perfect storm that lead him to take his life. We talked it over with our doctor and a mentor at Didi Hirsch and concluded that his suicide was prompted from the above and a very quick onset (10 -20 minutes!) of heavy depression. A teenage brain is still forming and not knowing how to deal with that quick depression and along with that the impulsivity that teens have he didn’t think about the consequences.

Our children, pre-teens and teens need to know there is an outlet when depression comes on. If they're having a hard time with bullying, academic pressure, social pressure, etc. they need to reach out. Our pre-teens and teens today have it so much harder than most of us growing up.

Al and I have since heard of many other teens/ young adults who have attempted or taken their life. This is so very tragic to hear of these teens taking their lives… it has to stop now!!

Whatever the reasons, the #2 cause of death in teens is suicide! We need to rally together and help these teens so they don't feel alone and helpless. I don't want to be silent about Aaron's suicide. I want everyone to know so we can get help for these teens and stop this cycle.

Under state legislation, effective Jan. 6, 2017, California schools have been forced to confront the topic of teen suicide head-on. Middle schools and high schools are mandated to talk about this subject. Didi Hirsch has been raising awareness at schools for years; they give pertinent information about prevention, signs, and 24 hour nationwide suicide hotlines. This is why I participate in this event and ask you to join us today on the run or make a donation.

We would like to see more research on the teenager / young adults who have suffered from concussions. We also need get the word out to all teens / young adults that they don’t need to take it on themselves. There is help and it’s ok to ask for it. We also would like to help raise money to help Didi Hirsch staff to continue to go out to schools and sports teams to bring awareness to all parents, teens, athletes and school staff members so that maybe we can save a life or more.

Please help us end the stigma about suicide by talking to your teens / young adults. Talk about how its ok to talk about their deep thoughts. From our view, it’s better to get them to talk it out then the other option! Talk, talk, talk!!!

If you have a teen or anyone you know that is in need of help, have them call the Suicide Prevention Hotline @1-800-273-8255. Let’s work together!


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