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Welcome to my Alive and Running for Carlos Ramer's Page

Running For Carlos Ramer

Running for Carlos Ramer

Carlos was the sunshine on any cloudy day. He could brighten a room with his infectious smile. He had a sense of humor unlike any other and his heart was biggest I’ve ever known. Life without my husband, my best friend, has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to go through. Every day I love without him I am learning to live for him.

Most people had no idea that Carlos was struggling. He was very good at appearing to be the strong man he was. Always happy, smiling and could conquer anything. But there was the one thing he just couldn’t conquer on his own and ultimately took him from me, from his family, from his friends and from this world who needed him, suicide.

No person should ever feel alone while suffering. It should never be looked down upon when someone is struggling with mental health. We need to erase the stigma that comes with the term mental health. It is so important to me to raise awareness to this cause in hopes that not another man or woman feels the only way to end their pain is by suicide.

I do not want another wife, mother, father, sister, brother, friend etc to be effected by the lifelong pain that is caused when we lose someone to suicide.

Please help me by honoring and remembering the greatest man I’ve known, Carlos Ramer by donating to this very near and dear to my heart cause.

With your support, we can save more lives! Please register, donate or sponsor today!


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Recent Donations

1. CLCordarius Lewis
Rossi, My guy you are missed and made a positive IMPACT on more lives than you could imagine.
2. JJustdrea331
Man I still miss the random talks about family and business... #ITB
3. DBDanielle Borrero
4. JWJessica Wilson
5. ASAlisha Starks
I will forever miss my dear friend Rossi. I have so many great memories, that I will cherish forever.
6. SJStacey Johnson