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Welcome to Sherry Yanagisawa's Page

Sherry Yanagisawa

Sherry Yanagisawa

This year’s 22nd annual Alive & Running Walk/Run for Suicide Prevention on Sunday, September 13, 2020 will be a virtual event.

Aaron took his life on April 14, 2015. He was smart and amazingly he loved school. He always kept you amused with jokes or crazy and funny things he'd do. He was lead trumpet in his middle school Jazz Band.

He didn't care what people thought of him and was always there for someone who needed a friend to listen. He helped new kids adjust to school, kids with problems with their peers or helped kids academically. His sport of choice was body boarding. He loved the ocean, especially at first light. He said once... "It's so amazing to watch the sunrise while sitting on the water." He also told me, "Mom, there is such strength and calmness underneath me when I sit on the water... it makes me feel so alive". He really was a beautiful soul.

However, on April 14th I came home to find that he had taken his life. We were so confused. He loved life, he was happy, and there were no problems...why would he take his life? I left him happy watching Hawaii Five O and said he'd do his homework when the show was over.

He showed no signs of depression that day or any other leading up to his death. He had 4 minor concussions in 8 months span. We were told to keep him out the water for 3 weeks; which we did each time. It has been concluded that he had a "flash depression" probably due to raging hormones and his concussions.
We found out later from his friends that he was having massive headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision. He didn't tell us any of this.... if he had we would have changed his life style.

Our children...pre-teens and teens need to know there is an outlet when depression comes on. If they're having a hard time with bullying, academic pressure, social pressure, etc. they need to reach out. Our pre-teens and teens today have it so much harder than most of us growing up.

Whatever the reasons, the #2 cause of death in teens is suicide! We need to rally together and help these kids so they don't feel alone and helpless. I don't want to be silent about Aaron's suicide. I want everyone to know so we can get help for these teens and stop this cycle.

Under state legislation, effective Jan. 6, 2017, California schools have been forced to confront the topic of teen suicide head-on. Middle schools and high schools are mandated to talk about this subject. Didi Hirsch has been raising awareness at schools for years; they give pertinent information about prevention, signs, and 24 hour nationwide suicide hotlines. This is why I participate in this event and ask you to join us today on the run or make a donation.

Al and I are participating by completing the walk/run at the Long Beach Boardwalk. Please DONATE or JOIN MY TEAM to help support Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Center—the nation’s first and a critical resource for healing and hope.

Registrants will be mailed a t-shirt and memory bib. Register by Aug. 20 to guarantee delivery before event day!

Their doors are open to anyone who has been touched by suicide—regardless of their ability to pay. But they need our help to continue providing their lifesaving services which include: a national multilingual 24/7 Crisis Line, therapy, support groups and training so people throughout the community can recognize and respond to warning signs.

Alive & Running is Didi Hirsch’s only event dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the Suicide Prevention Center. Let's support their important work.

# Remember Aaron!!!!

Together, we can save lives!


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Sending you so much love, friend! Thank you for including us each year. Hugs!
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We will never forget you Aaron!
5. Linda Mele Johnson
Thank you, Sherry, for doing so much for this worthy cause.
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Sending love and support to you and your family.

Team #rememberAaron