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Welcome to Kristine Barry-Olsen's Page

Kristine Barry-Olsen

Kristine Barry-Olsen

I loved my father. He was kind, funny, talented and a loving dad to me and my sister. When he smiled, his eyes smiled with him as did anyone else in his presence. I still struggle with the knowledge I now have, that his beautiful smiling eyes held a secret he was too terrified to speak about let alone ask for help for. He was suffering alone with mental illness, and when his pain became too great to bear, he killed himself. He died in 1980 and I was only 15 years old.

This year is unique for me as I have recently been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Because of Didi Hirsch's Suicide Prevention Center, I am able to go through this time in my life with their support and a fresh perspective unlike what was available for my father. Thank you again for your continued support of me, of our team Limelight, and for this much needed suicide prevention center.

The stigma of his suicide death battered me. My life went in a direction that scares me when I look back on it. Like my father who struggled alone in his illness, I don’t have to struggle alone in my grief and my own mental illness. With wounds so deep, I am certain they will heal.

Didi Hirsch continues to change all of this for me. The 8-week Survivors of Suicide Support group showed me that I wasn’t alone and that my grief was shared with others who knew exactly what I was feeling. In these groups I received the guidance I needed to now hold my grief with grace, and 39 years later I am doing just that and so much more, I can now add support for my Borderline Personality Disorder. I am so thankful.

I walked Alive & Running for the first time in 2013. I created Limelight with my dear friend and fellow suicide survivor Greg Santilli, who lost his only brother Dave to suicide in 2005, as an inclusive team for all of us who support this extraordinary cause. Whether you have experienced a loss by suicide, an attempt - or not - your support makes you a member of our team. We can’t make a difference in people’s lives alone. I began this journey by asking for your support to help me make sure that no one will be alone again, ever.

This year is Limelight’s 7th year at Alive & Running, walking along side my brother and sister suicide survivors and my wonderful friends encouraging me forward with every step. And yet, I have begun to realize there is more than our loss here; this is an investment in our future. We have purchased what is now Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Center, the first in the nation and a world leader in training, research and services. The impact these lifesaving services will have will be not just life changing to those in need but to all of humanity. A world without the stigma of mental health and suicide, can you see it? I sure can! We have seen it happen with Breast Cancer and AIDS, and we will see it happen for suicide and mental illness. What a worthwhile investment indeed!

I am looking forward to walking into the future with you as we change all of our lives for the better.

My deepest gratitude,

Your friend,

Kristine Barry


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This 5k always happens when I’m out of town! Good luck, I hope it’s a huge success! Thanks for all you do.
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Love and support always, honey. Just don't make me run...;~)

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