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Welcome to Alexandra Russell's Page

Alexandra Russell

Alexandra Russell

I will be participating in the Didi Hirsch’s 20th annual Alive & Running 5K Walk/Run for Suicide Prevention on Sunday, September 29th on West 88th St & La Tijera Blvd in Los Angeles.
I lost my best friend & my love to suicide February 13th 2019. It is a day that will never be forgotten. It was very sudden, unexpected and tragic. My goal is to spread awareness in hopes to save other people’s lives, work towards ending the stigma of mental illness and celebrate the special memory of the person we lost to suicide.
I want people to know that it’s OK - not to be OK and to get the help when you need it. <3 GM7

Suicide doesn’t discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life, regardless of age, ethnicity or socio-economic status.
According to a new government report, suicide over the past two decades is up 25% across the nation. In 2017, 45,000 people ended their lives and more than 1 million attempted.

With your help, we can come together to spread awareness and end the stigma of mental illness. It’s OK not to be OK.
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Alexandra Russell


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1. LHLorri Herman
Thanks for making an impact!!
2. EOEric O'Brien
3. BJBarbara Jordan
All my love to you . I know this has been a tough year , but here you are !! So proud of you !xoxo Barbara
4. JDJeannie Duong
Love you Ali! Thinking of you ❤️ What a great cause!
5. KBKellie Breen
6. SCSamantha Colli
Thinking of you. Your efforts to help spread awareness are admirable. Thank you ❤️

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