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Team Andy

Team Andy

In February, my brother, Andy, will have been gone 5 years. A day hasn’t passed without me thinking of him multiple times. Any number of things can conjure him up - a song, a movie, a joke.

I’d write about Andy’s incredible contributions to both healthcare and mental healthcare, but it’s nothing you can’t Google. What the obituaries won’t tell you is how supportive and loving Andy was as a brother. A true listener you could always count on to give an honest answer or opinion. Sending the perfect letter, email, or text when it was most needed. For those who were close to Andy, and there are many of you, you know exactly what I mean.

Depression is an insidious monster. Imagine a person at a coffee shop sprawled on the ground complaining of chest pain. Within seconds, they are immediately attended to by strangers and rushed to the closest emergency room. Andy had a head wound causing him unfathomable pain, and yet these same strangers wouldn't be aware he was bleeding. And it didn't help that Andy not only was unable to ask for help, he aggressively resisted it. This is what makes the monster uniquely cruel.

On Sunday, September 29, my family and I will be running (OK, full disclosure, Susan will be walking) the Didi Hirsch 5k for the 4th time. Please consider donating. A number of you have joined me on the run/walk. Let me know if you plan on coming so we can add your name to Team Andy. New people encouraged! A price tag can’t be placed on Didi Hirsch’s mission: erasing the stigma of mental illness. So the monster can be exposed and cured.

With love and appreciation,

Jon (plus Susan, Izzy and Alex)


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1. LBLynn A Blewett
Andy was a wonderful colleague and I miss his advocacy, his energy and his kindness!
2. LSLisa Shapiro
3. JHJoshua Hyman
In loving support of both my brothers
4. BCBettina Cisneros
Love to you and your family
5. LLisa & Josh Woods
6. MJMichelle Joyner
Andy-- and all that he achieved-- will never be forgotten.